Why is your company called The GB?

Shortly after I graduated from Creighton University, I was brought on by Clark Creative Group in Omaha, NE. I was hired to work within the media department, but my degree in journalism was quickly utilized. The agency’s owner would call me at my desk to spell words on the fly or be his thesaurus as he crafted a new ad or script. The graphic designers and TV producers asked me to be the last set of eyes on a project prior to it leaving our office.

Because of this, I became known as The GB who would show up wielding her red editing pen whenever asked. It was an amusing term of respect and endearment. My seven years at CCG were a gift and launched me into this crazy marketing world.

What’s your background?

I started in Midwest advertising agencies with an eventual move to New York City working for one of the largest agency networks in the world. I discovered over those miles that I preferred to be a champion of smaller, family-owned companies. I have to admit it was rewarding bringing better oral hygiene to far corners of the globe working with Crest and Oral-B, but not as satisfying and impactful as building a relationship with my neighborhood grocer and assisting with their goals.

With experience in media, web, radio, TV and social channels, I can assist with your advertising projects without you needing to take on the expense of hiring a full-time marketing director.

What’s your industry experience?

Arts & Culture
Disability Advocacy
Health & Beauty